Ferment For You

Some unique and easy ideas to start including probiotics in your everyday meals!

Try them today with your favourite kraut!

The Classic Reuben, with a twist!

Prepare the usual ingredients, leaving the kraut until final sandwich assembly.

Warmed Corned Beef

Broiled Cheese Toast

Thousand Island Salad Dressing

Garlic Dill Sauerkraut

(do not heat kraut)

Traditional Beet Borscht

‚ÄčSauerkraut makes an easy, healthy, and colourful addition to meat and cheese platters!

Garlic Dill Sauerkraut served traditionally with homemade pierogies.

Antipasto Anyone?

 This is a great way to add some extra colour and probiotics to your platters. Here I've included Mediterranean, Beet Red, and Fire Kraut, which pairs fabulously with meat and cheeses. Your tummy will be thanking you later!

Breakfast Quiche

Start your morning off right by adding kraut into your best quiche recipe for a perfecctly fulfilling breakfast!

Kick it up a notch! Nicoise salad with beet borscht kraut!

Kimchi-fried rice, yum! 

An easy lunch addition! 

Light and Loaded!

This salad is not only beautiful, its loaded with probiotics! I added Mediterranean kraut to this classic Greek salad for some extra nutrients and flavour! What kinds of krauts will you add to your salads this summer?

Fiesta Time!

  Mix kraut into salsa for an interesting refreshing change!

  It also goes great as a "dip "of its own!

Hearty and Happy 

Started my morning off right! A side of probiotics first thing in the morning kept me feeling full and healthful! 

A classic favourite!

Made this easy delicious reuben sandwich and added probiotic kraut!